Innovate Your Child's World With
United Learning School of the Gifted

4-5 Years Old
Monday to Friday

7:30 AM to 5:30 PM

There is a $35 late charge for parents selecting up their kid after 5:30 PM

A Residence Away From Home

This is our special full-day program which gives your child a cozy, caring, and also caring finding out environment for ongoing development as well as excitement as well as expanding the pre-kindergarten experience. We treat this class the exact same as the pre-kindergarten program-- it is an interesting and also fun-filled opportunity where the kids obtain to do, not have to go to.

Our EXTENDED program remains to be what it is like n in the Pre- Kindergarten Classrooms. The program includes the adhering to daily selection of tasks:

Opening Up Free Activity Time

Tidy Up (Children change right into A.M. Pre-K classes)
Circle Time/ Story Time.
Outdoors play
Project & Educationally oriented Free Choice Time
Group Time - Singing & Brainstorming Time.

( Children change from A.M. Pre-K classes)

Outdoors play (Children transition right into P.M. Pre-K courses)

Deplete/ Bathroom demands
Tale, tapes, documents
Snooze Time/ Rest Time for the non-nappers
Peaceful Free Play (while nappers are waking)
Carpet Time/ Story.

Snack (Children change from P.M. Pre-K courses)

Outside Play
Job/ Story/ Music Game Time/ Patio Play
Free Play until Closing